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KAIS Manufacturing Ltd. Company Profile

Company Introduction

Originally founded in 1997 by the late Krishna Sooklal in Trinidad, operating from his home under the name KS Manufacture & Sales. Krishna Sooklal (nicknamed Roy) used methods of heat forming by hand and cutting all guttering and fittings using pipes in the earliest part of his operations. Quickly growing, Krishna Sooklal built his factory in 2003 and purchased machinery in 2009 to commence manufacturing. This dream passed with Krishna Sooklal in early 2016. KAIS Manufacturing Limited was established by his wife and eldest son soon after his passing. The company suffered another tragic loss after Mrs. Sooklal passed away in 2017. KAIS then became a husband-and-wife partnership. It has since modified and expanded its raw material, moulds, and machinery, making the dreams of the late Krishna Sooklal come alive. Today, KAIS can proudly boast about the company’s strong, unbreakable MARKS® brand products.

Company History

Our Values


Vision & Mission


For our brand of products to be demanded by customers thus, becoming the leading brand distributed by suppliers locally and regionally. To have a growing, diversified business and become the top manufacturer and exporter of MARKS and STRONGY brand of products.


To manufacture superior products, provide exceptional customer service and first-class delivery time, while creating value for the end user.

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